Understanding child development

When we understand children’s developmental journeys we can nurture and respond to children in ways that match their age and capabilities.

Knowing how children typically develop as they grow up can give you clues about:

  • what a child might be feeling and thinking about the world around them
  • what a child is likely to be able to do, and what they probably can’t do yet; and
  • why a child might be behaving in a certain way.

This can help you respond to your child and support their development and learning in ways that are right for their age and individual needs.

This collection of resources is for parents and other adults caring for children between birth and around 12 years of age. They describe the main developmental experiences for children at different ages and offer ways you can support a child’s healthy development and wellbeing.

These resources are informed by evidence about child development and the experiences and wisdom of parents and health professionals who support families.

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