Depression and Anxiety in Young People

Beyond Blue, Australia

This section of the websites provides information for parents and guardians on various aspects of young people dealing with depression and anxiety.

'Young people experience great change; socially, emotionally, physically and intellectually. For many young people, adolescence is an exciting and happy time. For others, it can be challenging - wanting independence, trying to fit in, working things out with family and friends, and coping with daily events. Sometimes parents and guardians may find it hard to tell the difference between 'normal teenage behaviour' and anxiety and depression.

Within this section there are links to information on:

  • 'Parenting guidelines'
  • 'Anxiety and depression in young people'
  • 'What to look for'
  • 'Challenges young people face'
  • 'Family guide to youth suicide intervention'
  • 'Getting help and support'
  • 'Types of treatment for young people'
  • 'Helpful contacts and websites'
  • 'Have the conversation'

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