Money, housing and health

Many families struggle with not having what they need such as money or a safe, reliable place to live.

And there may be other difficult things they’re facing at the same time, such as physical illness, violence or racism.

Experiencing these kinds of stressors can lead to feelings of shame, blame and powerlessness for both parents and children. And sometimes they pile up to create more challenges – including social, emotional, physical and material challenges.

If your family is struggling in these ways we want you to know that you’re not to blame and you’re not alone.

This collection of resources has been created with families who’ve been through tough times to spark hope and new ideas for how to get through as a family.

You know what fits best for you and your family – and we’re right here with you.

We hope some of these ideas resonate with you, and you can try the ones that feel right for you and your family.

Choose from the following resources:

Thank you

These resources were generously co-created by our lived experience partners Emi (Ngarrindjeri Country), Jason (Lutruwita Country), M (Kaurna Country), Stuart (Wurundjeri Country), Kerry (Whadjuk Nyoongar Country), Louise (Gadigal Country), Ann (Wurundjeri Country), Wei (Kaurna Country), Adila (Kaurna Country), Kirsty (Ngarrindjeri Country), Sophie (Ngarrindjeri Country), Matilda (Ngarrindjeri Country), Liam (Ngarrindjeri Country), Ella (Ngarrindjeri Country), Elliot (Kaurna Country), Anemone (Lutruwita Country), Thom (Lutruwita Country), Marc (Lutruwita Country), Annemijn (Kaurna Country), Carol (Kaurna Country), Leonie (Kaurna Country), Tegan (Kaurna Country), Debbie (Kaurna Country), Sam (Kaurna Country), Tamara (Peramangk Country) and Nishma (Kaurna Country).

Emerging Minds would like to recognise their time, knowledge, skills and wisdom drawn on by all of you to undertake this extraordinary task. Yours are the shoulders upon which future generations of lived experience advocates will stand.

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