Looking Back series

The Looking Back series was made by young adults who ‘look back’ on a tough or difficult moment (or part) of their childhood. They reflected on what was going on for them at that time, and what helped them stay strong, or helped them to learn or even grow from their experience. It was a chance to share with other young people a powerful and empowering video story about this time in their life. The videos were written and creatively conceived by the young person, with the help of artistic mentors and video-makers.

Each story focuses on what the young person, as a child, thought and did at that time to be resilient, and what else may have helped them do that. The project deliberately asked the young people to use their older, young-adult lens to look back, and see that part of their childhood within the context and wisdom that they have gained since becoming an adult.

The Looking Back project was produced for Emerging Minds by Artist Made Productions in partnership with young people, and the Satellite Foundation. Thank you to everyone involved.

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