Youth Voice series

As children grow, they navigate life’s ups and downs differently depending on their age and stage of development. The Youth Voice project aimed to identify aspects of mental health and wellbeing that are important to young people, including messages for those who support them in their journey into adulthood.

Led and acted by the voices and experiences of children and young people from the South Australian Youth Arts (SAYarts) company, three videos were created to explore the concepts of self-care, behaviour as a form of communication and the importance of those who support them.


The Emerging Minds Youth Voice project was created in collaboration with Emerging Minds, Artist Made Productions and the students and teachers from SAYarts.

Special thanks to Ian Bone from Artist Made Productions and all the SAYarts students and teachers who welcomed us into their classes and gave their voices so generously to this project.

Developed by: SAYarts students with Emerging Minds and Artist Made Production

Written by: Alan Grace and Ian Bone

Directed by: Ian Bone


Fraser Agzarian
Tilly Carter
Hannah Carlsson-Forbes
Eloise Carrick
Orlando Ciardello
Emily Fehler
Hayley Gray
Emma Gregory
Kynan Hartley
Aisha Lauck
Xavier Lee
Violet Rex
Frank Steel Vanstone
Kate Wooding


David Atkinson
Victor Koolmatrie
Jo Lyons-Reid
Dan Ross
Riley Sapford
Alistair Schmidt
Mira Soulio
David Tang
Josh West
Holly Winter

For Emerging Minds

Ben Rogers
Josh West
Alicia Ranford
Nadia Rossi

For SAYarts

Rebecca Pannell
Tamara Collins
Alan Grace
Tim Mackie

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