April 15, 2024

A message from our director

We are heartbroken by the events that occurred at Bondi Junction Shopping Centre on Saturday and our thoughts are with the families and communities immediately effected, as well as everyone across the country who has been impacted.


Media coverage of the event has dominated the news this weekend and will most likely continue for the week to come. While this serves an important purpose, it also means that we have access to this content 24/7 on our television screens and online devices.


We encourage you to be mindful of your media consumption over this time and that of the parents and families you work with. In particular, the coverage children are accessing and how much, and ways to support parents and carers to manage this.


Children are also likely to have questions about the event and parents and carers might be wondering how, or even if, they should address this.


For most children, talking about an event – in age-appropriate ways – can be a healthy and helpful way to process their thoughts and feelings. It is also a way for parents and carers to correct any misconceptions that may have been reported or that children may have picked up from only hearing or seeing part of the story.


The following fact sheet focuses on talking to children about violent events and will support parents and carers to have these conversations, including helping them to check in on their own wellbeing as well as that of their children.


Warm regards,


Director, Emerging Minds

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