December 15, 2020

National workforce survey for family, parent and child mental health

Help improve mental health outcomes for children in Australia with our national survey

In order to best meet the needs of health, social and community services workers across a range of professions all over Australia, we, along with our delivery partners, are conducting a national workforce survey for family, parent and child mental health. We believe this survey is the first of its kind and will give us a baseline measure for improving the way we support children’s mental health.

This call is seeking professionals from health, social and community services to complete the national workforce survey to understand professional awareness, knowledge, skill and practice in supporting family, parent and child mental health in their everyday work. We hope to run this survey annually to understand the existing practice and gaps in practice, particularly in professionals not yet familiar with the National Workforce Centre.

We are also asking peak bodies, government agencies, and national and state-based organisations to help spread the word and encourage professionals to participate. The survey will take approximately 15 minutes and each person goes in a draw to win 1 of 6 iPads. We’re hoping to gain as many responses as possible so that we can better help professionals across Australia to support children’s mental health in their everyday work.

Please download and use the prepared blurb for your newsletters, communiques, mailing lists and social media platforms to disseminate far and wide to the workers in your network, to help ensure we capture a good picture of the Australian workforce.

For any further inquiries or to register your interest in the dissemination of findings, please contact Dr Melinda Goodyear, Manager, Research and Evaluation, Emerging Minds at [email protected].

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