September 15, 2023

Let’s come together and vote YES on 14 October, 2023

On Saturday, 14 October Australians have been called to vote in the Voice to Parliament referendum.

As a nation, we are being asked to acknowledge and recognise Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples – the First Peoples of this vast land – in our 122-year-old constitution for the first time.

Emerging Minds supports The Voice to Parliament as a way to:

  • recognise that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples know what is best for their communities – the Voice is about listening to their advice, so governments can make better-informed and collaborative decisions
  • protect this important advisory role by enshrining the Voice in the constitution so that it can provide meaningful and honest advice, no matter which political party is in power; and
  • stand alongside the majority of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people who support a YES vote.

Supporting child, parent and family mental health and wellbeing

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples have supported children’s social and emotional wellbeing for 65,000 years. But since colonisation we have seen health and wellbeing outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities deteriorate significantly.

When communities are listened to about the decisions that affect them, we get better solutions and better outcomes – for children, for parents, for families and for the future.

In one month’s time, we have the extraordinary opportunity to stand together and make a change.

Be informed

About The Voice

This resource from the Uluru Statement includes several frequently asked questions/answers about the Voice.

Many great resources on the Voice are also available on the Mental Health Australia and Yes23 websites, along with a page of up-coming Voice events over the coming weeks.

Debate respectfully and safely

This Respectful Referendum Pledge includes a set of principles to encourage more civil and inclusive debate over the Voice to Parliament. These principles aim to reduce social and emotional harms to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples during the referendum debate.

Look after the mental health and wellbeing of our children, families and communities

Being mindful of this debate’s impact on the mental health and self-worth of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children and families is incredibly important. The ANU has published factsheets and links to relevant information and supports, which may be particularly helpful over this time.

‘Saying yes to this being included in our Constitution is a decision about what kind of Australia we want to live in. A decision on what kind of future we want for all of us, not just for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. A future where our peoples, as First Peoples of this country, can be heard.’

- Pat Turner, University of Canberra Voice to Parliament Lecture, 10 August 2023

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