March 28, 2024

New Emerging Minds partnership for Enabling Workforces and Organisations for Thriving Kids

We’re excited to announce Emerging Minds’ involvement in a new collaborative project – Enabling Workforces and Organisations for Thriving Kids. Funded by the Queensland Mental Health Commission, this project aims to uncover and embed learnings on the impacts of adversity and trauma to better equip organisations to respond to and support children, young people and families in Queensland.


The project is jointly led by: Thriving Queensland Kids Partnership (TQKP); Emerging Minds; Yiliyapinya Indigenous Corporation; The Queensland Brain Institute at The University of Queensland; and Dovetail, as part of Insight, Centre for Alcohol and other Drugs Training and Workforce Development, Queensland.


Brad Morgan, Director at Emerging Minds explained, “Every interaction between a family and a service provider has the potential to positively impact children’s mental health, wellbeing and development. It takes the collective effort of supportive leaders, organisations, policies and professionals, working in partnership with families and communities, to make this a reality. We are thrilled to be a partner in supporting the Queensland workforce to maximise the potential of every interaction.”

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