October 3, 2023

New online course: An introduction to family partnerships for educators

Partnering with families to understand their unique needs and challenges is one of the most important roles an educator can play in promoting and supporting children and young people’s wellbeing.


Our new online course introduces the concept of family partnerships as a practice for supporting children’s mental health, development and overall wellbeing. It focuses on what family partnerships are; how they can be used to support children’s wellbeing; and what authentic family partnerships look like in practice.


This course presents a series of practice shifts which have been developed to guide your practice as an educator and allow you to adopt more effective ways of partnering with families. These include:

  • Cultivating collaboration
  • Embracing relationships
  • Holistic understandings; and
  • Contextual awareness.


By enhancing how you engage with families and develop partnerships, you will have the skills to provide more targeted and timely support and better meet the needs of children in your care.

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