August 10, 2023

New online course: Supervision for children’s wellbeing

Child-aware supervision is an approach that supervisors of frontline workers can take to promote child- and family-sensitive practices in their work with clients who have families. It incorporates attitudes, strategies and techniques that support workers (and organisations) to identify and respond to the needs of children. It continually aims to build practitioner capacity and is grounded in reflective practice, based on knowledge and experience, and supported by the authorising environment of the service organisation.


Whether working with children or adults, the Supervision for children’s wellbeing online course provides supervisors with a framework for working with practitioners to improve engagement with children, parents and families while helping to support meaningful change in their lives. The course explores four aspects of child-aware supervision, and showcases eight skills as part of a reflective supervision framework.


Supervisors will learn about setting expectations and accountability for child-aware practice early in the supervisor–supervisee relationship to create a space in which practitioners feel safe to reflect on their practice. By being curious about their practice challenges, you can help supervisees develop a bank of strategies that increase skills and choices in working with children and families.


This course has been developed as an update to a previous course, Child-aware supervision, which will no longer be available on our website from the end of October this year. Please ensure you download your certificate prior to that date for your professional development records.

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