August 10, 2023

New online course: Understanding brain development

Brains aren’t just born; they’re built over time. Nurturing and responsive relationships and safe environments are key to developing thriving brains.


In partnership with the Australian Research Alliance for Children and Youth (ARACY) and the Thriving Queensland Kids Partnership (TQKP), and in collaboration with The University of Queensland’s Queensland Brain Institute (QBI), we are pleased to launch our latest online course, Understanding brain development.


This course explores neuroplasticity, the impacts of stress and trauma on brain development, and the important role of ‘serve and return’ interactions and executive functioning in supporting a child’s wellbeing. It also includes information on strategic framing, best practice and ‘what works’ examples to improve children’s mental health, development and wellbeing in your work context.


This course is for anyone who interacts with children and families during their day-to-day service delivery. It will benefit practitioners across multiple sectors and systems including health, social and community services, justice, housing and education. It will also be useful for professionals involved in management and leadership, policy-making, strategic planning, quality improvement and systems change. The course is suitable for people with no prior understanding of neuroscience and those looking to increase their knowledge of current research and best practice.

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