May 1, 2024

New short article: Supporting child mental health through understanding prosocial behaviour

Children and their families have characteristics and abilities that can help them to overcome mental health challenges and maintain good mental health.1 These are sometimes referred to as mental health strengths or protective factors and can include good parenting skills, self-regulation and prosocial behaviours.2


This short article from the Australian Institute of Family Studies (AIFS) briefly describes what prosocial behaviours are and explores how they can positively impact child mental health. It also provides considerations for practitioners on promoting child mental health through encouraging prosocial behaviours.

1 Australian Institute of Family Studies. (2023). Prosocial behaviours and the positive impact on mental health. Melbourne: AIFS.

2 Devaney, C., Brady, B., Crosse, R., & Jackson, R. (2023). Realizing the potential of a strengths‐based approach in family support with young people and their parents. Child & Family Social Work, 28(2), 481–490.

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