November 28, 2017

Updated course – Let’s Talk About Children

We are excited to let you know about several updates to the popular Let’s Talk About Children course.

What’s new?

  • The structure of Let’s Talk has been streamlined, so that there is a separate module dedicated to each stage of the course:
    – Introducing the Let’s Talk Approach
    – The Preliminary Discussion
    – Discussion One: Understanding the Everyday Life of the Child
    – Discussion Two: Planning for the Future.
  • The language has been changed to reinforce that the success of Let’s Talk in practice is based upon the approach/stance that the practitioner adopts.
  • The Logs that are used to guide the conversation in Discussion One have been adjusted to allow a soft introduction and are no longer referred to as ‘Developmental’ but simply ‘The Logs’.
  • A new section ‘Supporting Resources for Parents and Children’ has been added to outline the different methods of accessing the ‘How can I help my Child’ and ‘When your Parent has a Mental Illness’ booklets.
  • A universal brochure enabling services to introduce Let’s Talk to parents has been developed.
  • Design features in the course and the Guide for Professionals have been updated.

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