PHN leadership series seminars

Seminar 1: Understanding and using workforce competency data to inform PHN planning

Presenters: Marisa Coppinger and Mel Caldow, Perinatal & Child Mental Health Section Department of Health and Aged Care; Mel Goodyear and Claire Marsh, Emerging Minds Evaluation team

  • A look at workforce capacity data that emerged through the National Workforce survey for Parent, Family and Child Mental Health
  • A discussion on ways we can collectively improve outcomes for children and families across the regions and strengthen the capabilities of the workforce
  • Consider how we can reduce pressure on services, and create a system of support that is responsive to the needs of families.

Seminar 2: Health Pathways and workforce development webinar

Presenters: Michaela Lodewyckx, Manager, Workforce Development, North Western Melbourne PHN; Dr Scott Parsons, GP Clinical Editor, North Western Melbourne PHN

  • Outcomes of the workforce development package for general practice staff delivered across NWMPHN and its impact on the confidence and the capacity of the general practice workforce to support children and families
  • Introduction of Child Mental Health and Wellbeing Health Pathways
  • Exploration of innovative examples of how PHNs can support their workforce to better identify, assess and support child mental health in their regions.

Seminar 3: Using systems thinking to guide child mental health planning

Presenters: Brad Morgan, Director, Emerging Minds

  • Systems approaches and their relevance in the context of child and family mental health
  • How systems thinking can be applied to assist in planning to improve child mental health outcomes in your region.

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