Emerging Minds Focus demonstration videos


The following demonstration videos describe the key features and functionality of Emerging Minds Focus. They will help guide you through the quality improvement process, from forming your Change Team to conducting your surveys, developing your action plan, and reviewing your progress.

The videos are presented in a way that aligns with the phases of the quality improvement process, to support you in navigating the Focus platform based on what you will need at the time.

This video provides a brief overview of the Focus platform and describes the initial steps for kickstarting your quality improvement journey. It is intended to support you in setting up an account for your organisation, identifying your Facilitator, accessing the platform, and inviting and managing the Change Team.

You can submit an expression of interest by providing some basic contact details, and someone from Emerging Minds will be in touch to get you set up and invite your nominated Facilitator.

    • Overview and key terms [0:00-1:19]
    • Expression of interest [1:19-1:35]
    • The ‘Facilitator’ and ‘Change Team’ [1:35-2:25]
    • Facilitator: first login [2:25-3:22]
    • Forming the Change Team: inviting members and accessing the platform [3:22-4:28]
    • Managing the Change Team: deactivating a member, reassigning the Facilitator [4:28-5:02]

This video will support you in conducting your Organisational and Change Team surveys to inform and provide a baseline for your quality improvement journey.

The Change Team will be guided on completing their survey within the Focus platform. The Facilitator will be supported to generate the Organisational Survey link and to share it with staff, and ensure that all Change Team members have rated the attributes before both surveys are closed.

Email templates are available to support you in communicating with staff about the purpose of the Organisational Survey.

    • Organisational Survey: overview and sending to staff [0:00-2:42]
    • Change Team Survey: overview and the ‘Assessment’ page [2:42-3:29]
    • Submitting and viewing ratings and comments [3:29-5:20]
    • The ‘Results Wheels’ [5:20-6:05]
    • Cross-checking before closing the Organisational Survey [6:05-7:24]
    • Closing the Organisational Survey and generating a ‘progress update’ [7:24-7:46]

This video will support your Change Team in using the Results Wheels to review your survey results, setting your priorities and developing your action plan.

By analysing the results of the baseline surveys, your Change Team will work together to decide which attributes should be prioritised. Actions are provided for each attribute to promote curiosity and conversations on how you can move forward; you can create your own unique actions if needed.

Once actions have been considered and assigned, Focus generates an action plan for your Change Team that can be shared with your Executive Team or Board of Management for their endorsement.

A guide has been created to support your Change Team in interpreting the Results Wheels and building your action plan.

    • Organisational Survey progress update [0:00-1:08]
    • Reviewing and comparing survey results [1:08-2:55]
    • Actions: reviewing, creating, editing and deleting [2:55-4:40]
    • The ‘Manage actions’ page [4:40-5:58]
    • Assigning actions and action planning prompts [5:58-8:19]
    • The ‘Action plan summary’ page [8:19-9:02]
    • Printing and authorising your action plan [9:02-10:44]

Once your action plan has been endorsed, your quality improvement journey will be in full swing. This video provides an overview of how actions are managed and how the Change Team will communicate with the Facilitator and as a collective to drive the process forward.

During the Changing phase, Focus will be used to support the change management process as actions are undertaken and completed. Over time, the Change Team can adapt their action plan to respond to changing circumstances.

During the Reviewing phase, two forms of ‘progress updates’ can be generated to review your priorities and demonstrate quality improvement. ‘Change Team progress updates’ will keep your Change Team and executive leadership informed about progress that has been made and milestones that have been achieved, on a more incremental basis. In the long-term, ‘Organisational Survey progress updates’ involve re-surveying staff against the attributes to identify changes from your baseline and see whether change is being felt across your organisation.

    • The Facilitator’s role and filtering actions [0:00-0:37]
    • Action communications between the Facilitator and Change Team member [0:37-1:36]
    • Marking an action as ‘Complete’ [1:36-2:02]
    • Reviewing progress on the action plan and attributes [2:02-2:53]
    • Creating and printing Change Team progress updates [2:53-4:05]
    • Organisational Survey progress updates [4:05-5:48]
    • Cross-checking before closing the Organisational Survey [5:48-6:25]
    • Closing and viewing the Organisational Survey progress update [6:25-7:04]
    • Reviewing and responding to your quality improvement progress [7:04-8:07]
    • Additional support and closing remarks from Emerging Minds [8:07-8:33]

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