Why use Emerging Minds Focus?

No matter the size of your organisation, everyone can make a difference for infant and child mental health and wellbeing. Embedding mental health literacy and child-focused, parent-sensitive principles across all levels of an organisation is the most effective way to foster positive outcomes for infants, children and families, and meet the vision of the National Children’s Mental Health and Wellbeing Strategy.

Emerging Minds Focus is a simple tool designed to guide you through a structured planning process. It helps turn ideas and principles into achievable actions and measurable outcomes, and supports you to reach a point of sustained change. It works alongside your existing frameworks and strategies, allowing you to align your organisation’s goals, create efficiencies and optimise resource allocation. Focus’s reporting features also make it easy to communicate your progress with your Executive Team and Board of Management.

Explore the following resources to learn more about how Emerging Minds Focus can help your organisation to support infant and child mental health and family wellbeing.

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