Social services worker sector highlights

Download this snapshot to view the results of 448 respondents who selected ‘social services worker’ as their profession from 1,518 health, social and community services workers who took the 2020-21 National Workforce Survey.


  • Social services workers showed moderate capability across the different domains of child mental health, at similar or higher levels than other profession groups.
  • Social services workers exposed to Emerging Minds reported higher capability in all subscales when compared to the total survey population exposed to Emerging Minds. Highest scores were reported for understanding childhood trauma and adversity, facilitating support and skills in child mental health capability.
  • Social services workers were also more likely to have engaged with Emerging Minds learning activities than the average worker.
  • Survey results indicate social services workforce could strengthen their support for children by improving regularity of child-focused practices and increasing capabilities in infant mental health.

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