Emotional health and wellbeing: A guide for new dads, partners and other carers

Beyond Blue, Australia

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This handbook from Beyond Blue provides information about the first twelve months of parenthood, specifically for new fathers.

Becoming a parent can be one of the most exciting and challenging things you will ever do. From the moment you find out you and your partner are expecting a baby, you’ll notice your life starts to change. Although life will never be exactly the same again, you will learn something new each day, which can enrich your life and make you have all kinds of intense feelings. This is one of life’s adventures! Some experiences with your baby will fill you with love, joy, delight and surprise. At other times, you might feel stressed, frustrated, angry and even disappointed. All these feelings are common and you might find yourself going through them all in a single day.

This handbook covers some of the common emotional challenges faced by new and expectant parents, and offers practical advice for partners on how to deal with these challenges. As well as this, you‘ll find information on topics that some partners may identify as being trivial, but actually have a large impact on your mental wellbeing if they’re ignored. Adjusting your work schedule, ways to bond with your new baby, helping your partner through exhaustion and heightened emotions, and getting to know your partner again – including post-baby intimacy – are all covered
in this booklet.

Topics covered:

  • ‘The pregnancy and birth’
  • ‘After the birth’
  • ‘Welcome to fatherhood’
  • ‘Help your baby learn’
  • ‘Getting to know your baby’
  • ‘Baby’s communication’
  • ‘Your relationship with your partner’
  • ‘Emotional health during pregnancy and early parenthood’
  • ‘Looking after yourself and your partner’
  • ‘Feeding’
  • ‘Sleep’
  • ‘Playing with babies’
  • ‘Information and helplines’

Beyond Blue recognises that families come in many different forms. This booklet primarily focusses on new fathers, however all new parents will find the information in this resource useful.

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