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Emerging Minds, Australia, March 2024

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A systems approach to quality improvement is an essential part of enhancing the social and emotional wellbeing and mental health outcomes of infants, children and families. This involves embedding mental health literacy and family-focused principles across all levels of an organisation – from the mission and values, recruitment and induction, supervision and leadership, right through to practice development and service delivery.

We have created Emerging Minds Focus to support your organisation in meeting the vision of the National Children’s Mental Health and Wellbeing Strategy. The strategy provides the framework and foundations for lifelong mental health and wellbeing to be built during childhood, with a whole-of-community approach.


What is Emerging Minds Focus and what does it do?

Emerging Minds Focus is a web-based platform that takes organisations on a quality improvement journey in supporting the social and emotional wellbeing and mental health outcomes of infants, children and their families.

Focus provides a convenient way to:

  • survey your staff and internal ‘Change Team’ with a pre-populated set of attributes
  • identify your organisation’s strengths and aspirations for change
  • consider actions that will create change, and assign them to your Change Team members
  • identify the steps and resources needed to complete actions, who needs to be involved and what barriers and facilitators might exist
  • compile assigned actions and ideas into a printable action plan; and
  • track quality improvement using ‘progress updates’.


Who is Emerging Minds Focus designed for?

This user-friendly tool has been created for service managers, organisational executives and other staff to inform, motivate, plan and track quality improvement, all in one place.  Organisations will form an internal ‘Change Team’ whose members use Focus to drive the quality improvement process.

Why was Emerging Minds Focus developed?

Emerging Minds Focus was designed to address the challenges associated with organisational change.

Challenges may include:

  • understanding what needs to change and how
  • demonstrating quality improvement with tangible evidence
  • operating within a web of practice strategies and frameworks
  • sustaining progress and maintaining continuity despite changes in the workforce; and
  • turning ideas and principles into achievable actions and measurable outcomes.


How do I learn more about Emerging Minds Focus?

We have a range of free resources including guides, frequently asked questions and videos to support you on your quality improvement journey. If you would like to sign up for Emerging Minds Focus, complete an expression of interest for your organisation and one of our team members will get in touch.

If you have any other questions about Focus, please email us at [email protected] and we will connect you with an Emerging Minds team member.

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