Anxiety and depression

Beyond Blue, Australia

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This booklet provides information on anxiety and depression for young people.

‘This booklet will help you understand more about anxiety and depression; what it looks like, how it affects people and importantly, the things you or a friend can do to begin to manage your feelings. While this booklet is about anxiety and depression, there are some handy tips on coping with difficult situations or feelings that you or a friend might find helpful.’

It covers the following topics:

  • ‘What is anxiety?’
  • ‘What is depression?’
  • ‘Why do people develop anxiety or depression?’
  • ‘Recovering from anxiety and depression’
  • ‘Support from friends and family’
  • ‘Support from a health professional’
  • ‘Confidentiality and health professionals’
  • ‘Strengthen your body, mind and relationships’
  • ‘Self harm – knowing when to get help’
  • ‘Suicide prevention – what helps’
  • ‘Looking after a friend’
  • ‘Resources for young people’

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