Assessment and engagement with infants and children

Emerging Minds and Mental Health Professionals' Network (MHPN), Australia, April 2022

Facilitated by Jacquie Lee (Digital Publisher, Emerging Minds), this webinar presented strategies to support practitioners to consider the ‘whole child’ when working with infants and children, shifting the focus from labels, problems and conditions to supporting children’s hopes and goals through inclusive practice.

Our interdisciplinary panel of speakers include Penny Sih (Clinical Psychologist), Kate Headley (Speech Pathologist) and Emi (Child and Family Partner). Panellists will explore the benefits of respecting children’s knowledge and insights around their own problems to help them focus on potential solutions, as well as discuss options for including parents in assessment processes in ways that acknowledge their importance in their child’s life. Listeners will gain insight into practical strategies to bolster engagement and reduce anxiety in children and parents during assessment processes.

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