Behavioural problems – practice resource

Centre for Community Child Health, Australia, 2006

This practice resource is designed for a range of professionals to help ‘…consider and understand [behavioural problems] and the range of researched options and strategies available to discuss with parents and carers in addressing their concerns and increasing their confidence.’

It covers:

  • ‘Section 1: Introduction’
    • ‘Setting the scene’
    • ‘Stages of development in behaviour’
    • ‘When is a behaviour a concern’
  • ‘Section 2: What works?’
    • ‘Asking about behavioural concerns’
    • ‘Introduction to behavioural management strategies’
    • ‘What you can do’
    • ‘Information for parents’
    • ‘Key messages for professionals’
    • ‘Key messages for managers’
  • ‘Section 3: What the research shows’
    • ‘Summary of the evidence on behaviour training programs’
    • ‘Key research findings on everyday behavioural concerns’
    • ‘Interventions for behavioural problems’
    • ‘Annotated summary of intervention studies’

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