Having the Conversation with Young People About Anxiety and Depression

Beyond Blue, Australia

Related to Anxiety, Depression

This fact sheet from Beyond Blue provides information for parents and guardians on how to have a conversation about anxiety and depression with young people.

Are you worried about a young person and not sure what to say? Do you worry that you might make things worse? You want to help
them, but not sure how? It all starts with a conversation.

Even if you aren’t sure quite what to say, the important thing is that you say something. Let them know that you are concerned and why. They may be experiencing anxiety or depression, or they might be struggling with a personal issue. By starting a conversation and showing your concern and willingness to support them, you’re giving them an opportunity to share what they are going through. This can make all the difference in ensuring they get any support they might need.

This fact sheet covers the following topics:

  • ‘It’s sometimes hard to talk’
  • ‘Preparing for the conversation’
  • ‘Be yourself when raising the issue’
  • ‘Be a good listener – try to understand’
  • ‘Be supportive’
  • ‘When the don’t want help’

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