Dads – Looking after your physical wellbeing

The COPMI national initiative

This information sheet provides information specifically for dads about looking after their physical wellbeing.

When your physical health is at its best, you are better equipped to manage your emotional health. A healthy lifestyle can reduce the risk of disease, lift your mood and provide a sense of control in your life.

People under stress for long periods of time or who have a mental illness are at higher risk of developing diabetes, heart disease, and
obesity. So it’s important to make sure you are eating well and getting enough exercise. This will increase your energy levels, make you feel good and also improve your sleep quality, another key factor of good health.

Looking after your own health and wellbeing is important for your child too. Fathers are key role models for their children. Lifestyle choices you make will influence behaviour patterns your child adopts and takes into adulthood. Your attitude to health can have a profound effect on your children’s future health and wellbeing.

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