Emerging Minds response to the Productivity Commission: Mental health, April 2019

Emerging Minds, Australia, April 2019

Emerging Minds recognises that many reform efforts have articulated a commitment to promotion, prevention, early intervention and treatment. However, funded service delivery remains focused on responding to the impacts of mental illness on the individual, with priority attention being given to adults and (to a growing, but lesser extent) adolescents. Data is showing that these investments are not resulting in changes to the mental health of the Australian population. There is a need to balance investments in strategies that support mental prosperity as a resource for society’s productivity alongside current strategies to manage the impact of mental illness on the community.

Emerging Minds recommends a much stronger investment in ‘early action’ to support the mental health of current and future generations, with a focus on addressing the prevention and treatment gap in infants and children.

For more information, visit the Productivity Commission website here.

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