Engaging children in practice: Who’s in the room? – interactive online session

Emerging Minds, Australia, May 2021

You’re about to meet with a family who has concerns about their child’s mental health and wellbeing. What are your key considerations in deciding whether to meet with the child and their caregivers separately, together or both? To what extent do you involve children and caregivers in these decisions?
How you go about making these decisions – and the decisions themselves – can contribute to building collaboration and trust with both children and parents or caregivers.
The second in our series of interactive online sessions featured Clare Klapdor, Manager at Centacare and Chris Dolman, Senior Workforce Development Officer at Emerging Minds, who discussed ‘Who’s in the room?’, one of the modules in the Emerging Minds online course, Engaging children: Good beginnings. This course addresses a range of mental health and social and emotional wellbeing practice skills in beginning your work with children.

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