For schools: Supporting student voice in disaster recovery

Headspace, Australia, April 2021

Student voice is about acknowledging that young people are experts in their own lives, and have the right and desire to be actively involved in the decisions that impact them. When schools engage young people as active participants in their school community, with the right to make choices and the ability to contribute to decisions affecting
them, it builds a sense of empowerment and self-worth, develops leadership skills and creates a positive school environment.

Student voice is important in all aspects of the school community – including disaster recovery. Sometimes during disasters or times of crisis, children and young people can feel helpless and invisible. While this may not be done intentionally, it’s important that children and young people are engaged in disaster recovery as they can offer unique experiences and perspectives.

This fact sheet provides school leaders and educators with strategies for engaging young people in a safe and meaningful way following a natural disaster.

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