A guide to what works for depression in young people

Beyond Blue, Australia

Related to Depression

This booklet explains to both parents and young people what types of interventions are effective for treating depression in teenagers and young adults.

‘This booklet summarises the evidence for interventions for depression in young people aged 14 to 25 years. Since depression usually begins in adolescence and young adulthood, it is important to understand and find effective treatments that are suitable for this age and stage of life. Treatment approaches that work for adults may not necessarily be effective for adolescents and young adults.’

This guide covers the following topics:

  • ‘What is depression?’
  • ‘Are there different types of depression’
  • ‘Getting help for depression’
  • ‘How family and friends can help’
  • ‘How to use this booklet’
  • ‘How this booklet was developed’
  • ‘A summary of what works for depression in young people’

The interventions have been divided into four sections:

  • complementory and lifestyle interventions,
  • medical interventions,
  • psychological interventions and,
  • interventions that are not routinely avaliable.

Within each of the areas, the scientific evidence for each intervention was reviewed and rated depending on effectiveness using a thumbs up scale (see p12).

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