HeadStrong 2.0 and MindStrength

The Black Dog Institute, Australia

Related to Bullying

The Black Dog Institute has designed a curriculum resource on depression, mental health and resilience called ‘HeadStrong 2.0’. It is designed to be linked to the health and physical education curriculum for Year 9 and Year 10 students.

There are five modules that include ready to use classroom activities and teacher developmental notes:

  • ‘Mood and mental wellbeing’
  • ‘The low down on mood disorders’
  • ‘Reaching out: helping others’
  • ‘Helping yourself’
  • ‘Making a difference’

The HeadStrong 2.0 resource is complemented by MindStrengh, a free online learning course by The Black Dog Institute that aims to help young people aged 14-16 years build resilience. This course includes five short, interactive and engaging modules supported by helpful explainer videos:

  • ‘What is resilience?’
  • ‘Why should I build resilience?’
  • ‘Taming my emotions’
  • ‘Identifying and using my strengths’
  • ‘Using my head’

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