Myth Buster – Sorting Fact From Fiction on Self-Harm

Headspace National Youth Mental Health Foundation, Australia

This booklet is written for professionals, parents and carers, and young adults. It explains what self-harm is and busts some common misconceptions that surrounds self-harming behaviours in young people.

‘There are many myths surrounding self-harm, which makes it hard to separate fact from fiction. It can be very confusing and difficult to understand, both to the person who is self-harming and to their friends and family.’

It covers information on:

  • ‘What is self-harm?’
  • ‘How many young people self-harm?’
  • ‘Why do people self-harm?’
  • ‘What are the most common myths surrounding self-harm?’
  • ‘Other unhelpful ways of talking about self-harm’
  • ‘What effect do these myths have on young people who are self-harming and their families?’
  • ‘How can young people who self-harm be helped and supported?’
  • ‘Tips for supporting someone who is self-harming’
  • ‘Tips for some self-help techniques that may be helpful’

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