National Workforce Survey for Parent, Family and Child Mental Health 2020–21 – Key findings webinar

Emerging Minds, Australia, July 2023

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This webinar shares the results of the first National Workforce Survey for Parent, Family and Child Mental Health in 2020–21. Between December 2020 and March 2021, we asked health, social and community services workers in Australia how they viewed their capabilities in regard to understanding and responding to child mental health. This event provides an overview of what we have learned from the 1,500 workers who took part.

The results of the survey provide a snapshot in time of workforce capability to respond to children and families, and will provide useful information for those representing professions, sectors or regions, as well as interested practitioners.  

With growing awareness around children’s mental health and wellbeing, especially in recent times with the impacts of the pandemic and natural disaster, it is important to shape a strong and capable health and social services workforce. This data can help guide decisions about how best to support workforces.

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