A polyvagal approach to working with trauma

Runtime 00:31:09, Released 2/2/20

A polyvagal approach to working with trauma
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What can the body’s signals tell us about how to respond to trauma? In this conversation with psychologist, Chris Cussen, we draw on polyvagal theory to understand how the nervous system is affected by trauma and what is supportive when working with children who have abuse-related trauma histories. Chris draws on her many years of experience working with the Australian Childhood Foundation to give a rich description of how a neurobiological perspective informs her practice.



In this episode you will learn:

  • How to explain polyvagal concepts to a child (05:28)
  • What the body needs to move through a mobilsed state (08:54)
  • The importance of facial expressions and tone of voice for social engagement (11:49)
  • Practices to support a child in a mobilised state (20:43)

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