A story from Community

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Released 25/5/20

A story from Community
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In this episode, Clyde and Rose reflect on their personal and communities’ experiences of contact with mainstream services and practitioners, including some that have been helpful, and some that have not. They share examples of organisations and practitioners that have created relationships with Firsts Nations families and communities, and the skills and knowledge that is needed to engage with rural and remote communities. 

In this episode you will learn: 

  • The implications of past policies on a Firsts Nations Community (06:00)
  • The role of connections to kinship/country and culture has on community wellbeing  (11:43)
  • Examples of practitioner’s profiles and the skills and knowledge that has supported effective engagement with communities (25:35) and (34:48)
  • Understanding self-determination the importance of Community autonomy through the listening of a Community’s history (38:26)

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