A story of two-way learning and healing

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Released 23/5/20

A story of two-way learning and healing
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Nancy Jeffrey is a proud Woolwonga women from the Northern Territory who works for the Healing Foundation as a Portfolio lead in Darwin. Nancy’s role within the healing foundation is to work with community and organisations to co-design what healing looks like for their community and implement strategies that support healing from a bottom up approach. One of the key messages Nancy talks about includes the importance of understanding diversity in Firsts Nations communities. Nancy also provides examples for practitioners of how two-way learning has supported practitioners in their engagements and support to First Nations children and families.

In this episode you will learn: 

  • The diverse experiences of Firsts Nations Peoples (5.00)
  • Understanding the ongoing experience of grief and loss faced by Firsts Nations communities (08:00)
  • The strength and resilience within communities  (17:00)
  • Practices that support two-way learning and healing (22:36)

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