Child-focused practice in adult-focused services

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Released 23/9/19
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Child-focused practice in adult-focused services
In today’s episode, Emerging Minds’ Workforce Development Manager, Dan Moss speaks with the Executive General Manager of Policy and Programs at Relationships Australia South Australia, Jonathon Main. They discuss some of the implementation drivers at RASA that promote child-focused practice in services which mainly work with adults. Jonathon shares his insights on how screening, assessment, practice policy, recruitment and supervision all have a role to play in ensuring that children’s social and emotional wellbeing is at the forefront of all adult-focused service delivery.

Jonathon has over 30 years’ experience in the provision of services to children and families with complex needs. He has held both clinical and management roles in the health, welfare and non-government sectors. The major focus of his work has been in provision of services that promote the healthy development of children, young people and families, and in community engagement programs that promote social inclusion and participation.


In this episode you will learn: 

  • Important aspects of attracting and supporting staff through clear understandings of child-focused practice (2:47)
  • How specific screening for children can help practitioners to have conversations with parents about their concerns for children (9:55)
  • An understanding of the importance of asking parents direct questions about the wellbeing of their children (11:54)
  • How to support staff to ask parents questions about their children without reinforcing stigma (15:35)


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