Co-design: Disrupting business as usual – part 2

Runtime 00:35:28
Released 2/5/21
Emerging Minds
Emerging Minds
Co-design: Disrupting business as usual - part 2

How can the voices of people with lived experience be authentically incorporated into resource and service design?

This episode continues the conversation from part 1, exploring the process of co-design through the case study of Emerging Minds’ practice paper, Supporting children and families: How does co-design invite us to think differently? Child and family partner coordinator, Lydia Trowse is once again joined by co-authors Jason Tyndale (child and family partner), Jackie Amos (psychiatrist), and Rhys Price-Robertson (researcher). Together, they reflect on their experiences and share advice for people looking to integrate co-design into their work with children and families.


In this episode you will learn: 

  • the value of authentic human relationships [02:00]
  • strategies for managing disagreements or conflict  [06:02]
  • about the need to balance different perspectives[07:00] 
  • how to balance power [14:05]
  • how co-design processes might help families and children more broadly  [27:00]


Further information and resources:  

Supporting children and families: How does co-design invite us to think differently? – practice paper: 

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