Culturally informed trauma-integrated healing practice part 1

Runtime 00:43:02, Released 24/5/20

Culturally informed trauma-integrated healing practice part 1
Emerging Minds Podcast

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In this episode, Judy and Caroline share information, concepts, practical skills and suggestions that can support mainstream professionals working with First Nations children, young people and their families/communities. Through storytelling, they share the healing practice’s that have supported Firsts Nations families for thousands of years, and how these practices are now backed by research in frameworks that assist practitioners to support children experiencing trauma.

Walking together, talking together is creating out future.

In this episode you will learn: 

  • Relationships and trust are the foundation to any (08:00)
  • The creative use of arts in story and play as an effective tool in working with Firsts Nations children and their families (39:55)
  • An understanding of the generational history of Firsts Nations families and the effects of generational trauma (16:23)
  • Understanding the effect childhood trauma has on children’s behaviour and responses (42:34)


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