Culturally informed trauma-integrated healing practice part 2

Runtime 00:41:31, Released 24/5/20

Culturally informed trauma-integrated healing practice part 2
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Many Firsts Nations families are creative, energetic, and embodied within their cultural heritage while involved in the systems, structures and opportunities of contemporary Australia. Some families however continue to be held in the pervasive wounding from trauma that has become generational. To fully understand those lives and circumstances, it is necessary to understand and accept the impacts of trauma across generations, without judgement, but with clear insight and intention to use your skills and capacities for healing

In this episode you will learn: 

  • [00:59:52] Defining Culturally informed trauma-integrated healing Practice
  • The behaviour of First Nations children is language. It is important that non-Aboriginal practitioners can listen and interpret this language in a non-judgmental and safe way.
  • Understanding a child’s world is an important step for non-Aboriginal practitioners in this work
  • [01:13:50] An understanding that it takes time to establish safe and connected relationships with Firsts Nations children who experience the effects of generational trauma

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