Effective engagement of Aboriginal families in mainstream services

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Released 29/5/19

Effective engagement of Aboriginal families in mainstream services
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In this episode, we speak to Bill Wilson about what effective engagement of Aboriginal families and children looks like in non-Aboriginal services. Bill is a narratively-trained social and emotional wellbeing worker who has worked extensively in the fields of alcohol and drugs, child protection, child and adolescent mental health services (CAMHS), Aboriginal education, and Aboriginal men’s health. He is a strong advocate for the strength of Aboriginal people and communities and the opportunity for them to be the change agents in their own lives.

In this episode you will learn: 
 -What does holistic engagement of Aboriginal families look like?  (02:58)
– How to build rapport at the first engagement 04:13)
– How service flexibility can increase engagement (08:16)
-Therapeutic approaches that are effective with Aboriginal communities (16:30)
Further information and resources: 

Aboriginal mainstream service experience – where are we now? How data has shaped our response

Ngarrindjeri Regional Authority

More information on motivational interviewing

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