Emerging Minds podcast introduction

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Released 29/4/19

Emerging Minds podcast introduction
Emerging Minds Podcast

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Welcome to the Emerging Minds podcast series. Your host Sophie Guy speaks to a wide range of practitioners – from GPs to social workers to psychiatrists – on a variety of topics related to children’s mental health 

We’ll look at the issue of family violence and what it’s like to work with men who use violence; the story of how one organisation has successfully created a culturally authentic service for Aboriginal community; and a psychiatrist’s journey to understand intergenerational transmission of trauma and how parent-child relationships can be healed.  

Other episodes explore adverse childhood experiences; the role of GPs in supporting child social and emotional wellbeing; and the power of play for strengthening parent-child relationships.  

Join us to gain practical wisdom and to learn more about what we can all do to support children’s mental health. 


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