Re-release: How to find the right health professional

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Released 15/1/24
Emerging Minds Families
Emerging Minds Families
Re-release: How to find the right health professional

Few of us go through life without the need to visit a practitioner at one point or another, whether it’s falling off our bike when we are younger and going to the doctor for a few stitches, visiting a pediatrician with our children, or spending time with a psychologist or psychiatrist to talk through some difficulties we may be having. In Australia, we are fortunate to have a wide range of practitioners to support our needs as we navigate the ups and downs we may experience– health professionals who are there to help us move forward and truly get the most out of life.

In this podcast, our host Nadia Rossi talks with Jackie Amos. She is a child and adolescent psychiatrist who understands how important and complex it can be to find the right support and a health professional – also known as a practitioner – that you feel comfortable with and are confident will meet your and your family’s healthcare needs.

In this episode you will learn:

  • what the term ‘practitioner’ means (00:57)
  • what you can expect when seeing a practitioner for the first time (02:16)
  • how to support your child when they express discomfort in visiting their practitioner (06:49)
  • why Jackie feels it is important for practitioners to consider the whole family when seeing a child (11:15)
  • Jackie’s advice on dealing with long waiting lists and difficulties accessing practitioners (14:45)
  • how to make the most out of seeing a practitioner (16:32)

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