Re-release: Positive post-separation parenting

Runtime 00:31:13
Released 6/1/23
Emerging Minds Podcast
Emerging Minds Podcast
Re-release: Positive post-separation parenting

How can parents separate or divorce in a way that supports their children? After discovering that there was no research on this question, Dr. Priscilla Dunk-West conducted a study to find out for herself. Priscilla is a social worker and sociologist and currently teaches at the Flinders University of South Australia. Join us for an exploration of her findings and discussion of the key elements that support positive parenting after divorce or separation.

In this episode you will learn: 

  • Why there is a dearth of information on positive separation and divorce (01:03)
  • The importance of being able to see the world from the child’s perspective (10:46)
  • The role of communication in positive divorce and separation experiences (12:05)
  • Understanding the importance of home from the child’s perspective (19:08)
  • Key messages for practitioners about positive parental separation (27:16)


Further information:

Being child-centred: a guide for parents who are separating or separated

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