Staying connected with your children while navigating child protection

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Released 29/1/24
Emerging Minds Families
Emerging Minds Families
Staying connected with your children while navigating child protection

For many of us, the relationships we have in our lives provide a sense of connection and belonging. They can help fulfill us and enrich our lives. As time passes and we navigate the ups and downs of life, relationships can also change, and when we lose connections with the people who matter to us it can be painful. 

In this episode, our host Alicia Ranford talks with Flick, a mother of four who has navigated child protection and managed to stay connected with her children through difficult circumstances.

Content warning: This podcast includes mentions of child removal, child protection, substance use and domestic violence. If listening to this podcast brings up any difficult feelings for you, please seek help from your mental health professional or one of these crisis or support services.

In this episode, you will hear:

  • Flick share what parents might want to consider when wanting to maintain connection with their child who is in care [01:50]
  • Flick describes the journey of reconnection between herself and her child [03:20]
  • Flick share creative ways she connects with her child [08:58]
  • Flick talk about her work as a peer worker supporting parents to reconnect with their children [13:50]
  • Flick share what parents who would like to reconnect with their children should think about before beginning that journey. [16:15]

Further information and resources:

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