Supporting dads in their role as fathers

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Released 4/9/20
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Supporting dads in their role as fathers

What are Australian dads looking to learn about fatherhood? In this episode, we talk to Dominic Alford, coordinator of the ‘Support for Fathers’ project. Dom has a background in social work, with extensive experience working in the child protection and foster care systems.

The ‘Support for Fathers’ project was funded as part of the Federal Government’s prevention response to the issue of family violence. It aims to create more opportunities for men to learn about fatherhood and find ways of increasing their engagement with support services.

Dom talks about what he’s learned from travelling the country talking to fathers, and shares practical ways in which services and practitioners can make fathers feel more included.

Father and daughter

In this episode you will learn:

  • How dads view their role (06:00)
  • Why fathers have historically felt excluded in service delivery (10:30)
  • The value of getting fathers to share their stories (15:02)
  • Fathers’ unique influence on their children’s development (19:59)
  • Ways for services and practitioners to engage fathers (23:18)


Further information and resources:

Support for Fathers website:

Engaging fathers in early childhood services:

‘7 Types of Dad’ resource:

‘Dads raising the next generation’:

‘Introduction to working with men and family relationships’ guide:

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