Return to school support plan following self-harm or suicide attempt

Headspace National Youth Mental Health Organisation, Australia

This support plan is a resource for primary and secondary schools to utilise when a young person is returning to school after an incident of self-harm or a suicide attempt.

‘Returning to school can play an important part in a young person’s recovery following an incident of self-harm or a serious suicide attempt. A return to school student support plan can help the school to establish a safe and supportive learning environment for the young person. It supports a young person’s successful transition back to school as well as considering the needs of other students and staff members.’

The support plan allows staff members, in collaboration with the student, parents and health professionals, to consider the following:

  • ‘Identifying a key support person for the young person’
  • ‘Negotiating the details of the support plan’
  • ‘Strategies to help the young person feel better’
  • ‘Exploring when more support may be needed’
  • ‘Who has access to this plan’

A printable version of the Return to School Student Support Plan is avaliable so that it can be filled out and provided to the appropriate support people.

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