Sharing information and engaging with parents about child mental health webinar

Child Family Community Australia & Emerging Minds, Australia, 2019

This webinar was the third in a series focusing on children’s mental health. It was co-produced by CFCA and Emerging Minds.

Practitioners working with parents regularly share information with them about child health and development. Sharing information with parents about child mental health is important because the issue is widely misunderstood.

This webinar explored how practitioners can share information about children’s mental health (0-12 years) and effectively engage parents to support prevention and early intervention for child mental health difficulties.

Drawing upon practice wisdom, research findings and lived experience, Angela, Myfanwy and Mandy explored how practitioners can tailor information about child mental health to:

  • meet families’ unique needs
  • reflect the circumstances that impact on family relationships, social relationships and relational capabilities.

We also examined some of the factors that might get in the way of engaging parents during this process and how these barriers can be approached.

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