Supporting fathers’ mental health during the perinatal period

Child Family Community Australia & Emerging Minds, Australia, March 2023

Fathers play an important role in promoting the health and early development of their children. Expectant and new fathers can experience a range of mental health concerns during the perinatal period including irritability, negative mood, increased alcohol use, anxiety, anger and depression.

These experiences can impact the wellbeing of their families. This may include an increase in the likelihood of relationship challenges and negative paternal parenting behaviours. Many fathers report wanting to help and support their partners in the perinatal period but often feel unsure how to, and report feeling excluded or sidelined by formal and informal support services and systems. On top on this, the pressure to conform to stereotypes around being ‘strong’ and not needing mental health support can stigmatise help seeking.

To achieve positive outcomes for infants and families, it’s important that support is available that meets the needs of all expecting and new parents during the perinatal period.

This webinar discusses:

  • fathers’ mental health concerns in the perinatal period
  • support fathers need during the perinatal period
  • fathers’ experiences of seeking support
  • practice tips and insights for supporting fathers during the perinatal period.

This webinar was developed for non-specialist practitioners who may work with or encounter fathers or families in the perinatal period, including those working in generalist services with no experience providing mental health services.

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