Treating borderline personality disorder in adolescence: an evidence summary

Headspace National Youth Mental Health Foundation, Australia, 2009

This evidence summary details the current research literature on treating borderline personality disorder in adolescence.

‘Given the historical lack of attention to treating personality disorders in adolescents, there is a knowledge gap regarding ‘what works’, both for personality disorders and borderline personality disorder specifically. As such, there is currently no consensus on which interventions may be considered ‘best-practice’ for this age group.’

The evidence summary covers the following topics:

  • ‘Is there a role for treating adolescent borderline personality disorder (BPD)?’
  • ‘What do we know about treating adolescent BPD?’
  • ‘What about other therapies that work for adults with BPD?’
  • ‘Is there a role for medication in treating adolescent BDP?’
  • ‘Can it ever be harmful to treat BDP?’
  • ‘What does this mean for professionals who work with young people with BDP?’

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