Working With Same Sex Attracted Young People – An Evidence Summary

Headspace National Youth Mental Health Foundation, Australia

Related to Bullying

This evidence summary details the current research literature on clinicians working with same sex attracted young people and how to ensure an inclusive practice.

'Knowing your client’s sexual orientation may help you to respond effectively to issues of identity, self-esteem, sexuality and relationships. It also allows you to provide affirmation of his/her sexual orientation and address challenges that are unique to SSA young people. Further, openness and honesty about a client’s sexual orientation is associated with feelings of therapeutic support and satisfaction with treatment'.

The evidence summary covers the following topics:

  • 'What is same-sex attracted?'
  • 'Why does a clinician need to know if a client is same sex attracted?'
  • 'Risk factors for mental health problems amoungst same sex attracted young people'
  • 'Framework for working with same sex attracted young people'

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